"Are they really better than any of the other web based companies offering application development? If so, why?" "Will I get what I paid for?" "I don't know them from Adam, why should I trust them?" "Wouldn't it be faster for me to have my designers come up with the program and/or home-page?" "Wouldn't it be cheaper?" These were a few of the questions we anticipate from you - as a prospective client. Here are some answers:

  • We specialize in Php/MySql based application development. It was not by accident that we've listed this as a specialty. Although we are proficient in dozens of web-techniques, we prefer this and feel that it is what we do best.

  • Since we are so experienced in Php/MySql projects, we can anticipate potential problem areas and provide solutions almost as a routine. With a well written and widely applicable development platform, we can offer quick turn-around time.

  • Due to the nature of the project, it does not require constant contact with the client. Communication is easily done in writing and therefore responsive. This is one of the reasons that distance between client and provider is irrelevant.

  • We employ our own designers who give your web-pages and applications the desired professional look. They work closely with the developers for a professional looking and well functioning final product.

  • Although our developers are highly trained and experienced, we happen to be geographically in an area that can provide you, the customer, with a break on prices.

  • You pay only for work performed. As the project progresses, the client is updated continuously to allow for input.